Finally an explanantion of Starwars that makes sense

This is one of these amazing black holes for time…

so, let’s see – one and a half minutes times 4.1 million makes about 102,500 hours, which at 8 hour per working day comes to 13,000 workdays (calculating in some sick time), which at 210 working days per year (weekends, vacation, holidays) comes to about 60 man-years.

Quite some mayor project, wondering how this compares this to Microsoft Vista. Anybody with an idea how many man-hours went into Vista?

But if we really want to see those two side by side, then Vista is probably a much bigger time black hole in terms of wasted time.

To save you some time in watching the clip a few more times to get all the girl had explained to us, here is a transcript by SuperTrekNerd:

“Well. Well. Okay. The sand people capture robots and drive, and sell ’em in a garage sale – kinda like a garage sale but except they’re selling robots. And no one’s gonna buy R2 and the shiny guy – the shiny guy always worries – Luke’s gonna buy those. And Obi Kenobi’s a kinda teacher. He’s teaching Luke how to learn how do to his little light-up-sword. He has to try to block the little pokie ball. He tried to do it without seeing. Obi Kenobi sometimes move things around, sometimes he disappears. Princess Leia got out a jail and out in the spaceship. And they got the big thing that blown up stuff, we blown it up together. It blown up Princess Leia’s planet. But don’t talk back to Darth Vader – he’ll get ya. It’s an exciting movie.”

And here somebody who really wanted to know and made it easier for all of us to remember what the girl was lecturing  on…

Now – how much time did I waste writing this blog post?

Huh, waste, schmaste – I had fun!