Shooting the Router DI-784

When I got my new computer it had 802.11a built in – you know the one using frequencies in the 5 GHz band. As my old router was dieing I decided double the amount of money and get a dual band D-Link router DI-784.

What a lemon!

I had three and all three did not work. D-Link Support did not even bother to wipe the settings in the last router they sent me. Guess they hoped that the router that was sent back by somebody else might work for me – not true.

Obviously I was not very happy about it because it cost my time. They offered me to send me a single band router instead, but would not refund me the price difference (remember, double the price) so I decided to get a Netgear router and take out my anger on that poor router.

I intended to do this quickly to make it a PR nightmare for D-Link, but life events were frequent, and it was forgotten.

Until now, when I converted all my mini DV tapes to computer files because I am not sure how long there will still be devices to play those tapes.

So, there you have it – shooting the router.