I look into this world – and I wonder how I did all this.

My wondering and wandering eyes glance at miracle after miracle and some of them just need to be mentioned –

So, I mention them – here – in my blog…

My communication channels are open, you can

Naturally, the most common method to be heard here is to leave comments. And I am glad to report that I do allow dofollow links. But not to all of you fly-by SEO commenters.

I am watching you – if you become a real commenter then you will get a dofollow link from me. But don’t try to use keywords in your name – it will not work. I might leave it and the link is a nofollow or I just change the name to Peter Smith.

If you have something worthwhile to say or promote, get in touch with me and I might blog about it or even invite you as a guest blogger. Just talk to me and don’t be sneaky. One of those sneaky guys has just caused me to spend some time implementing the plugin from Big Bucks Blogger that allows me to watch you and the numberĀ of comments you leave.

I might experiment with some Google Ads on this blog and if this happens, Google wants me to tell you that they – through the ads – might use cookies to see what you are doing – where you came from and where you are going.