A Telemarketer entangled in a Murder

It is many years ago now that I heard this piece of Tom Mabe in which he torments a telemarketer by pretending to be a police officer at a murder scene.

But at that time I did not know his name, Tom Mabe, and had no idea how to ever find this jewel again.

Thanks to random browsing and a friend on facebook I finally have been reunited again with this unique way to cause a telemarketer to change his job. In order not to lose sight again I put it here on my blog – it’s not for your benefit, dear reader, because if you know enough about it you can find it everywhere. By adding the right tags to this post I hope to be able to find it again here on my own blog, if I want to show it to a friend.

Maybe you are that friend…

Isn’t it amazing how Tom exactly mimics the authority of a cop and how much compliance this poor schmuck displays – – – just as we all do towards cops we encounter. Maybe we should learn from that – maybe that cop we encounter is the schmuck and we should not bow to him/her?