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A Telemarketer entangled in a Murder

It is many years ago now that I heard this piece of Tom Mabe in which he torments a telemarketer by pretending to be a police officer at a murder scene.

But at that time I did not know his name, Tom Mabe, and had no idea how to ever find this jewel again.

Thanks to random browsing and a friend on facebook I finally have been reunited again with this unique way to cause a telemarketer to change his job. In order not to lose sight again I put it here on my blog – it’s not for your benefit, dear reader, because if you know enough about it you can find it everywhere. By adding the right tags to this post I hope to be able to find it again here on my own blog, if I want to show it to a friend.

Maybe you are that friend…

Isn’t it amazing how Tom exactly mimics the authority of a cop and how much compliance this poor schmuck displays – – – just as we all do towards cops we encounter. Maybe we should learn from that – maybe that cop we encounter is the schmuck and we should not bow to him/her?

Que Bella Italia

Oh, the Italians!

Beautiful cars, beautiful women, molto macho! Combine that with being in power as a police man, and you will get excess.

The excess I am referring to here is a police car for about quarter of a million (Dollar or Euro does not really matter here, does it?) All this, so that the rich boy who also has a Lamborghini Gallardo or better can be brought to justice should he be speeding. And if this speeding rich boy turns out to be a beautiful rich girl – just the better, then the police officer is at least on level flirting grounds – at least car-wise.

The reason there is a police officerette in the first picture is probably just a mistake or needed for PR reasons.

Now, without further ado, let me introduce the newest (and short lived) Italian police car and leave you with the remark that if they had only invested a fraction of the cost of the car in some driver training…