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Ode to Dad

Dad, it must be about forty years ago that you tried to let us participate in your experience of reading the “Autobiography of a Yogi” by Paramahansa Yogananda. This was, I believe, your first venture into the world of spiritual awakening.

And I did not understand – and laughed.

Sure, I have the excuse that I was young, but I am an old soul and should have understood if I would have just listened.

I also know that I have used you. I remember that one time when I wanted to have a stand for my slide projector but was too lazy to build it myself. I had a clear vision of what and how I wanted it to be. But I came to you pretending ignorance and asked your advise. Then steered you so that you came to exactly what I wanted. You were so happy that I took your advise that you then built it for me. I know you had the feeling that you needed to show me your worth, but I used that shamelessly and I can’t say that I am proud of succeeding.

When I used my control then, I was cocky about my abilities but I promise that has changed radically.

Now I see that it was you who allowed me to grow up without worries. That gave me the opportunity to develop the ability to manipulate and control. I sure hope that this was not the only ability that I developed. I am grateful for that opportunity – – now.

Now I am reading Yogananda’s “Autobiography of a Yogi” myself and I finally understand why you were eager to share your feelings with us.

Time is of no significance – so, finally, I can listen to you and tell you what 40 years ago I was not able to do – – – COOL!

Haanel’s Master Key System

(For historical context – this was written sometime around 2007.)

It is a few months now that I work myself through Haanel’s Master Key System, and it has been a very interesting trip.

Many of you know by now the idea of the “Law of Attraction,” made very popular through the movie “The Secret.” This movie, released just a few years ago, created the impression that this law of attraction was something brand new – not quite so! It is commendable that the movie brought the idea to a lot more people than Haanel’s book would have ever done, but this book pre-dates the movie by nearly a century.

The book is a series of weekly transmissions, or lessons, to the student. Principles of changing your world are introduced, then followed by an exercise to be done during the following week.

If you are used to just consume knowledge and wisdom by being impressed by some writer or movie maker then this is not the right venue. This is a book written in a language that you have to get into to understand. In my mind, it seems to reflect the fact that education a century ago appears to have been better, that people were able to understand more involved written concepts. There has been no effect of the tube yet – it had not yet been invented.

But if you are eager to get more than a fleeting WOW! then this is the right book to work through. If you really work with a subject it just sticks better.

My book goes with me all the time, just in case I have some time to read or re-read something – and it shows…

The Master Key System - Charles F. Haanel