Success with Changing the World

(Re-posted with permission from January 2005)

From the book ‘The Disappearance of the Universe” by Gary R. Renard:

PURSAH: … It should be pointed out that people who are not as successful in the world have a tendency to get more out of the course [meant is here ‘A Course in Miracles’] than highly successful people. Some of the people who appear to have it made in the world, and who are relatively satisfied with their lot in life, are actually falling into the trap. The ego sucks them into thinking the world is a good place. What’s really happening is that they’re living one of the few lifetimes where good karma is called for in the script, so they have a good time. Maybe they have an easy job, and it makes them rich and they appear to have all the luck.

GARY: You mean like Vanna White?

Interesting observation, but I think there must be some kind of middle ground here. If you are really down, struggling for survival you might not be so much inclined to start a bigger job like the work book of the Course in Miracles which will take you at least 365 days, which is, by my last calculations, about one year.

But then again, looking back over my life, I had maneuvered myself in some rather tight corners, but usually chickened out before it got too bad. I remember a time many, many years ago where the only thing left, more or less, was Babba as a good friend. One day, when walking up the steps to the apartment, which at this time we were not sure how much longer we would be able to pay for, when I clearly and without much emotion looked at the possibility of being in the gutter. Guess that scared me enough that shortly thereafter everything changes and then developed into a pretty comfortable life.

For many years.

The spiritual development did not slow down too much in the beginning. I guess the reason, or one reason, was that I was still a mono-pole in terms of a significant female other. Some failed attempts there but finally it worked and from then on the spiritual development definitely stopped.

This is so interesting – I only realize it now as I write this – wow!

But I mean, life should not be boring, right? So I pulled in some serious disagreement with the IRS, went through a pregnancy with major hormonal imbalances (no, not me personally, silly!) and had a kid with a very strong character move in with us.

Then two years ago the most important client went away, which also made the financial comfort a lot less prevalent – – so is this still not enough to make major steps forward in my spiritual development? Which I would expect to be a level where I can fix anything neccessary in the physical world, of course.

Babba did a reading for me at the beginning of 2004 and that saw strong spiritual development. So the signs are right and the path is leveled – I’m ready …

Funny – reminds me of the RPF (for those who don’t know it: in the Scientology church, when you really messed up in somebody’s eyes so that you were material to be kicked out, you still get another ‘chance to redeem yourself’, with a strict regimen of hard physical labor and lots of study – as a pariah).

Somehow the rumor had spread that a big cognition gained through hard work or intense study would get you out of this pariah-dom, to be taken back into the arms of the nurturing group – in good standing again. All without going through the whole program. So everybody waited for this miracle of a sudden reversal of the judgment that threw you into the RPF.

And it surely was not wrong to help this miracle along a little bit, right? So every night at the end of the day was success story time – everybody could stand in front of the group and tell his successes and cognition of the day. I am sure there were many genuine stories told, but in quite some instances you could feel the expectancy that as soon as the story was told, the door would open, a messenger would appear, call his name and hand him the paper and tell him “we made a mistake, RPF is over, you are back on your post – – and you can talk to your wife again”.

But at least as long as I was there it never happened – but am I now doing the same thing?

Using all this time I have currently to advance spiritually and waiting for this pop in the universe that makes life – on the physical level – suddenly comfortable again?

Guess things we are waiting for never happen, right?

I suppose I wrote this to manage to get over this – what do you think?

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19 Jan 2005 @ 21:26 by Dennis Dragomani @ : Re: Success
Sometimes all the artistic nuance Vanna brings to her job
isn’t fully appreciated. For example, I certainly don’t see it.

Regarding “waitng for things to happen”, procrastination is overly
criticized. I intend to indulge in it myself, when I get around to it.
But all seriousness aside, evolution takes place at its own pace.
There’s the case of the Polish inventor who developed the toilet seat;
more than five years passed before an Italian inventor improved upon the
seat by putting a hole in the middle of it.

20 Jan 2005 @ 07:05 by Tim @ : Workability
I studied ACIM for years. It’s simply not that workable for most people. The theory is ‘water tight’ (like many other theories). Some of the confusion arises because of the levels that are mentioned in ACIM. That’s my evaluation anyway 🙂

20 Jan 2005 @ 20:33 by Kathie Lynch @ : ACIM and HUMOR
I think Dennis states succinctly what the course teaches. We need to remember that the world is our illusion. So, why try to make it more real than we already have? That’s where humor comes in. We’re rejecting something totally insane.
Reminds me of this insane illusion of our physical world!! Like the course says, we forgot to laugh.

22 Jan 2005 @ 21:10 by mx @ : waiting and waiting
there are several ways of waiting for things to happen.. at least two… with and without attachment to the outcome…
I prefer the ‘Way of the Hammock’ (see my BLOG on ‘Hard Work’)

25 Jan 2005 @ 03:44 by Ed Dawson @ : spiritual versus material
It’s a simple polarity, Gezi. Non-survival physically promotes spiritual growth. Buddha had his great enlightenment immediately subsequent to nearly starving himself to death.

Good physical survival is a vector away from spirituality and growth as a Being. And vice-versa.

You want more spiritual growth, maybe we should have you go back on the RPF’s RPF???? heh heh… just kidding! 😉

Merge the polarity and you should be able to do both at the same time…