Gates and Balmer 20 Years Ago

Mx, in his former blog, described a method of causing a mental creation to stick and solidify in the so-called ‘real universe.’

He recommends going some time into the future, and from that vantage point look back with joy and gratitude and admire how effortless this mental creation has been manifested.

Let’s see, I want that nice house somewhere in the green, oh yeah, with a big meadow in the front and a great ocean view below from the back. One of the most fascinating features of this house is a spacious room in a tower at one corner of the house with windows in all directions – my sanctum. This is where I write/produce items that have transformed the world. Right now I don’t quite know yet what that is, but that is not that important anyway, for the emotions I feel about that room and my work in there are the essential element.

Now to make that mental image stick I zip forward 10 years, come to a halt and turn around (time-wise), and look back. With great joy and gratitude I see that this creation has manifested. There is mail coming in from all corners of the world with stories of positive transformation. Also daily there are some invitations for speaking engagements, and right there is one from Australia that I will accept. Even though a first-class air ticket is included I think I will take my own jet this time and build a bit flying time. This time I can let my little one fly for a while and mom can conduct her business from up above with ease thanks to the high-speed satellite link I have installed and we might even stopover in Thailand on the way back to pick up some new samples that should be done by now.

Once in Bangkok we can hang out with Gong and have some nice dinner with him.

I’m sure, these two guys in this picture below are sitting together some 20 years ago and doing something similar – maybe they did not realize what they did but I’m sure they did…

Bill Gates and Steve Balmer 1987

Anybody recognizing them?