Space – the Final Frontier – – Today

I subscribe to some NASA’s podcasts in iTunes and today I watched a video called “A Postcard from Opportunity.” For all of you who are not quite up-to-date – Opportunity and Spirit are the two rovers that NASA has landed on Mars a while ago with the idea that these two vehicles could roam the Martian surface for some 90 days, giving us some photography and other scientific data.

Against all odds and expectations these rovers have now lasted a multitude of their life expectancy. If you are interested in the details, you can find them at the NASA JPL web site.

I am a space buff and science fiction fan for pretty much all of my life, but only today when I watched this postcard from one of the rovers, it suddenly  really sank in that these are pictures from a different planet. It might not sound very impressive, but for me it made a shift Рand I really wanna go now!