Save a Hundered Bucks on a New Car

If you would hear somebody announcing that very exictedly “You can save a full hundred bucks on your new Ford F150 truck!” The only thing to do is drive all across town to the dealer Joe Cheapcars and pick it up, you would probably not share this enthusiasm much.

Hundred bucks on a car – that’s not much.

But now take that miter saw that you alwasy wanted to have for your weekend projects. So far, at $150 it was not quite justifyable considering the number of weekend projects you actually do. But now James Toolshack over in Othertown just 30 miles across the river has it for only 50 bucks!

So as soon as the weekend is here it off to the Toolshack to finally get that miter saw. We saved a full hundred bucks!

So, what’s the difference between the hundred bucks save on the car and on the miter saw? Nothing as far as the money in the wallet is concerned.

Let’s listen to Dan Gilbert who gives us some really good insight into this subject…