Mind Over Matter

I have to report today an event that showed clearly the principle of mind over matter.

From other post here in this blog it is obvious that I am on a quest to understand how the heck it might really work what many gurus try to tell us – that we actually create our world with and through our own view of it.

And such a clear evidence as the one described here should not go unnoticed.

Spirit Entering a Person

It all happened last Thursday when I had planned to visit a client and do my routine network maintenance in form of injecting my regular dose of whatever-you-wanna-call-that-stuff – theta, order, spirit, whatever.

Something came up and I postponed it to next Tuesday – nothing urgent to do really, so it should not matter. An hour later I get a panic call – We can’t print anymore!

Usually it’s something simple, like printer moved, pulled on the cable – fell out, etc. And mostly I know what it is even before I get there. Not so this time. I received a demonstration of what did not work and it was not working for me either – first real surprise.

There were documents in the print queue that just did not print. Printer self-test was ok, so the printer itself was OK. Probably a hung or crashed printer driver. A reboot should handle that.

Did not!

Different USB port – no good.

Now it’s getting more interesting. The only thing I could imagine now was something in the USB interface of the printer itself. The only way to test that was to connect the printer to another computer and try from there.

It was a slight challenge to find the CD with the printer driver in the office, but eventually I installed it on another computer and I could print.

I had been afraid that the printer itself was broken and that would have been a hustle and unwanted expense (this is a client with a maintenance contract and I would have had to pay for the repair). But now I had myself convinced that the printer was OK so there was no need to be afraid of any more. So I took the USB cable from the second computer back to the server – on which nothing had changed since I had unplugged the cable.

I did a test print and it worked without a problem.

For sure, if investigated to make sure the universe is not broken in its laws of cause and effect, we could find a reason why the printer suddenly started to work again. That is was just a coincidence that the problem was removed as soon as my fear of the consequences was eliminated, but hey – I better let it stand as it is, as an indication that really the mind rules over matter.

Comments to this article when first published in November 2004:


25 Nov 2004 @ 00:05 by spiritseek : Mind over Matter
Many times I can remove pain from refocusing my mind. I had a strength contest with a man at work,we were tugging and pulling a large heavy rack. I told him to push my way and I would push his way and see who was the stronger. He had braced himself on the wall behind him next to the door I wanted the rack to go in to. I said I needed a wall behind me and forced more power as if I had a wall I was braced against. Needless to say I shoved him so hard off the wall he fell through the open doorway. Another man watching was amazed at the power I generated to do that. I do believe in mind over matter. You must believe or it won’t work.

25 Nov 2004 @ 04:54 by skookum : so true
if we could only focus and control them

25 Nov 2004 @ 06:11 by Ge Zi @ : recipe
Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a recipe on how to believe.That’s what I’m struggling with. Douglas Adams had this great idea in one of his later books – after the hitchhikers – I think it was the Electric Monk where he describes that after the industrial revolution that gave us machines and the mental revolution that gave us computers there was a third revolution that gave us electric monks that did all the believing for us.

30 Nov 2004 @ 21:06 by Kathie Lynch @ : re: recipe
The closest recipe I know of on how to believe is the Avatar course. It’s not perfect or the end all process, but after completing it one does realize that his beliefs DO create his reality. The course teaches you how to discreate the beliefs you don’t want any more and how to create the ones that you do want. I actually don’t even use the techniques much at the present time, although the concept is always in the back of my mind. Maybe once the process is ‘yours’, just acknowledging a certain belief is enough to blow it away or erase it.
Aside from the belief concept, the most important truth I took away from the course was “I AM SOURCE”. And that has totally changed my life. Can’t blame anyone for anything anymore!!:-)) But as a result, I don’t pull in the really bad stuff cause I know that “I create it”.

30 Nov 2004 @ 22:10 by hgoodgame : For me this is simple.
I rely on the information I got from The Twilight Zone episode of the black fighter and the little boy who kept saying “YOU GOT TO BELIEVE BOWLEY, YOU JUST GOT TO BELIEVE!”
The alternate reality happens when we stop believing in this one.
What reality happens if we stopped believing in anything? I’d be interested in finding out.
Electric monks hmm, works for me. Doug has a wicked twisted mind (I say that with the highest respect). I enjoyed both Hitchhikers Guide and Restaurant at the End of the Universe. Cool and wierdly familiar stuff.

30 Nov 2004 @ 23:47 by spiritseek : Heidi…
What reality happens if we stopped believing in anything?that statement sounds like the Void or Nothingness…interesting thought provoking! If I think about it real hard I just might become invisible.

1 Dec 2004 @ 20:09 by hgoodgame : My guess Marie,
Is when we stop ‘believing’ in anything, all that will be left is Reality. 😉

2 Dec 2004 @ 05:05 by Ge Zi @ : but what …
… if reality is the believes we have in common? 😉  

2 Dec 2004 @ 05:40 by hgoodgame : Wouldn’t that be
relative reality and not ultimate?

2 Dec 2004 @ 06:00 by Ge Zi @ : A question as deep as …
… is the light still on when I close the fridge door?

4 Jan 2005 @ 05:30 by hgoodgame : As unanswerable as the light
in the fridge going out? come-on, that’s an easy one. Just push the little pin button and there it goes, on and off, on and off. And you could be right, all that can ever be actually labeled as ‘reality’ must have a mutual concensus, otherwise it is a delusion, right? Can we have realities though, I mean ‘realities’ not ‘delusions’ that may not be evident to others? I wonder if anyone could comprehend what the reality of Buddha or Jesus was? Were they alone in it or did others have their beliefs in common to experience the reality they did?
It is un-answerable, but not un-realizable.
Go check that fridge light now! See, it’s still on. Some things in life are so dependable.. 

28 Aug 2005 @ 03:45 by nameless @ : Reality and consciousness
Go see the movie, “What the Bleep Do We Know?” right NOW!!!
A revolution in consciousness!

28 Aug 2005 @ 04:43 by Ge Zi @ : what the …
Yeah, wanted to see that movie from the very beginning, after a friend (more or less) demanded that I see it. And now it’s already out on DVD. But I already have it on my amazon wishlist – for the next time I need to fill up my purchase to $25+ to get free shipping 😉
By the way – you all go to bbnj.us and order from Amazon from there, right???