All of Chris Crocker, Obama Girl, Battle at Kruger and Esmee Denters on YouTube

While getting my morning fix of news from BoingBoing and Slashdot I read this one post about the ultimate in YouTube videos of the year as it is now coming to an end. I think it was on Slashdot, but I don’t quite find it anymore, otherwise, I would have added the link to it here.

This post had the shortcoming of not linking to those ‘most’ viewed-commented-influential-etc videos and I had to go hunting. Obviously, that cost me quite some time because when on YouTube you not only watch that one video you came for – or am I the only one getting stuck all the time?

In order to save you some time I am now giving you all these ‘most-ed’ videos – can you believe 21 million views for the Battle of Kruger (as of this writing in 2007)?

OK, let’s get going, the first I found was the Obama Girl, singing out her little heart about her crush on Mr. Obama with about 4.5 million views and nearly 14,000 comments:

Then I enjoyed Chris Crocker defending Britney Spears in his piece ‘Leave Britney Alone’. About 14 million had watched it before me and over 200,000 had commented: (sorry – no embed allowed)

As mentioned above, ‘The Battle at Kruger” had been watched way over 20 million times and I actually was one of them. I had watched it when it was going all over the internet, but I was not one of the only 19 thousand who had left comments:

And last but not least I watched a bit of Esmee Denters rendition of Justin Timberlake’s “What goes around.” About 13 million had watched this one and about 60 thousand had had the urge to comment. First, I did not quite get what the attraction of specifically this video is. Yes, Esmee seems to have that spark in her personality and she certainly is pretty, but then I investigated some more, checked out her other recordings and I have to admit, she grabbed the opportunity and went with it. I have to admit that I am impressed. And now, see for yourself:

I think these are all very nice examples of the factor of ‘critical mass’.

Just trying to imagine how much time all this has cost mankind. The battle at Kruger alone – 20,000,000 times 8 minutes – before you read on, just make a wild guess, how much time that is…

Over 300 years!

So, whattaya think, was that worth it?