I ran into this little smart quote the other day.

“Well, don’t we have to take action? The problem won’t solve itself, will it?”
“It will, once you know the secret. Sometimes the correct action is no action at all…”
(Vernon Howard, Psycho-Pictography)

This is not really accepted in our society, isn’t it?

But I claim that most of the big problems we had in the past were handled that way.

Try to think of one of the real big problems you had in the past, and then look at all the things you did to solve it. And what was it that in the end got rid of the problem? Was it one of these actions or was it when you just ‘let go’ (as so many a wise man want to teach us). I’m thinking of one of the real bigger problems I had when I re-started here in the US for real – I mean without sponsor who brought me in in the first place. I had done many things, run around, talked to people, had interviews – nothing did anything because all this German computer training I had nobody had heard about and so it was not worth anything.

Max, who was my room-mate at the time, did the same thing. He eventually got his first US job, through which then I got a job as well.

But that was Max who had done the ‘running around’ – not me. We really have to distinguish here what were his actions and what were mine if we want to understand this ‘letting go’ any better.

We can not let the external universe prove to us that it is correct what it tells us. This ‘letting go’ priciple is not part of the physical universe, therefore the physical universe has no bearing.

Anything outside of me, that I perceive through my senses, is not me. Even if it comes very close to me or is done for me. In this specific case I had already ‘let go’. I had bought and assembled boxes to get my stuff out of there, back to Germany. I had ‘let go’ of the idea of me being in the US.

Maybe I’m just fishing here, but I have the feeling I am somehow on the right track, so I will keep on mumbling from time to time until I get it – sorry!