Illegality now officially banned

Something stung me…

The US house of representatives today passed a bill outlawing illegal domestic wiretapping by the government. Now government agencies are only allowed to access your private communications under terms of FISA.

This nearly blew my mind!

A bill to outlaw something illegal – how much weirder can it get with our government? I feel I want to say something and I stand here with my mouth open, something tries to come out (I mean word-kinda-stuff) but it just remains stuck in my throat. Why? Because I think there is nothing more to say.

Except maybe a reference to one of my very early posts on this blog -something about … Government Employees.

And on a bit more serious note, if you want to get the whole scoop on the FISA and the wiretapping situation you might want to read the article A breakdown of the Patriot Act, Freedom Act, and FISA suggested by a kind reader.