How to Blog

I have to admit that Ming in his article ‘I see, therefore I blog’ indeed got deeply philosophical.

That inspired me and caused me to think about the ideal way of communication with the world around us. As a scientist I have the mantra that you don’t throw away any data, bad as it might be. Therefore we first of all need to collect all information. It might not be here quite here yet, but with some tera byte memory sticks it should be possible to record everything that goes on around each of us.

That’s the pure raw data. Then we can certainly annotate and tag elements in this data flow. I can review and comment on a situation I just experienced, thus getting a very fresh witness account. Or I can go back later, cuing through the recordings and adding tags like today I do with

So far, all data is private, very private.

Then comes the decision what do I open up to whom. One tag is certainly something like ‘friends only.’ This would be equivalent to the private profiles on MySpace – first you have to become a friend before I open up to you.

At the other end of the spectrum would be ‘World’ – this is going out onto the widest distribution. pretty much what are todays web pages, and as with web pages, there are good ones and there are bad not so good ones. We can even enter the eBay effect at this point and attempt to charge for content, probably some private currency which at one point will have an exchange rate with the government money.

I have to use the opportunity here to show one example from last category under ‘good ones.’ This is one whirlwind of a video blog…

WebbAlert Video Blog
Webb Alert (no more)

I probably get all the tech news Morgan Webb tells about through other channels but it is still well worth the download and time to watch this expressionist – expressionist because of such lively expressions during her presentation that I just have to live all the stories with her. Beside this she was rated the 51st sexiest woman in the world in 2007 by the readers of FHM. 51st does not seem to sound much, but…

Hmmm, Ming, some form you might consider as a medium for your next generation blogging – Ming Alert – wondering though how you could beat that ’51st sexiest woman’ thingy.