Colbert Roasts President Bush – 2006 White House Correspondents Dinner

This video is a few years old but I still love it so much that I finally have to put it up here for all of you who have not seen it yet.

When I first saw it I was really amazed that Mr. Colbert would do this right into Bush’s face. And seeing the prez’s face was just great. So enjoy Steven Colber’s praise of President George W. Bush…

I looked all around the video sharing sites and the best version of this video was on Google Video but unfortunately for this video the embedding was not working, so I could not bring this to you here, but if you want to go there and watch it bigger and better please go to Colbert Roasts Bush on Google Video. YouTube has the video also but with bad sound and split in two parts. The only one I found to enbed was on Vimeo which you see above.