What Would Politicians Do Without News?

I watched a mini series about Merlin’s story on TV today. No, not my story, the story of the other Merlin you might have heard about. We all know the basics of the story, what was new to me was the underlying struggle between Merlin and Mab, the Queen of the Old Ways.

It appears that Mab is winning most of the time, giving Merlin a little success once in while, which is then soon lost. But what prompts me to write this post about it is the deep wisdom in Merlin final permanent victory over Mab – everybody forgets here and she ceases to exist.

This made me realize again the only real way to handle the problems with our politicians, who certainly have become the evil overlords.

Merlin and the people of Camelot turned the back to Mab and forgot about her. Attention-units seems to be the substance evil overlords feed on. If this is withdrawn they wither and die. So, why don’t we just start to handle the problems with our so-called ‘public servants’ in a similar fashion – turn around and take away any attention units. They try to tell us that we need to do this or that to ‘protect our children’ – but we know that this is not the real agenda and we just tune out those statements as white noise.

Found a very interesting little video that demonstrated how the news might look, when this behavior is implemented even on the level of the dominant media – which probably will be the most difficult level because this segment of the work force directly depends on those who get a lot of attention units and then hand some of them out to their minions, what’s laughingly called the ‘free press.’

Now, here the video