The Ron Paul Blimp

The Ron Paul BlimpI suppose there are still plenty of Americans that have not heard of Ron Paul yet, but I guess the latest publicity stunt will change that at least to a degree. They will have a blimp advertising Ron Paul for President.

So far the media has ignored or down-played Ron Paul even though in the non-controlled media, the internet, he is the big runner and there was a post in one of the very relevant blogs, that if statistics on the internet are any indication, Ron Paul will be president.

But I guess without the big press that will be very difficult because still a big part of the population gets its news feed from the mainstream media. Even if they are on the internet, they are probably getting their dose of news from CNN or ABC – and they apparently don’t like the idea of a government that is not that easily guided by them.

This is why I like the idea of the blimp so much – there will be many people who actually see it in the sky and they might be wondering why they haven’t heard about this in their trusted news sources.

A few days ago I got another news letter from Larken Rose, my favorite anarchist, and his thoughts fit in nicely.

Dear Subscriber,

Watching the mainstream talking heads “interview” Ron Paul is a combination of hilarious and infuriating. Every “question” is a thinly-veiled accusation or insult. “So, Dr. Paul, some people–not ME, mind you–say you’re an extremist, wacko, fringe nutcase. What do you say to that?” Just how stupid is the general public? Can they not see that every such “interview” is designed to demean and insult Dr. Paul? The most recent example (of many) was Dr. Paul’s “interview” with Howard Fineman (whose no fine man in my book). It was nothing more than an inquisition, trying to find fault with one point of Dr. Paul’s position after another.

But what’s really amazing is that, though time and time again he is subjected to such biased, malicious interrogations, every inquisition ends up making Dr. Paul look GOOD. (That’s got to annoy the status quo mouthpieces.) Still, if the general public has a brain cell or two, it should be patently obvious that there is no such thing as mainstream “reporters” anymore. The pro-establishment agenda is so obvious that even the dullest spectator shouldn’t be able to miss it. (But then, I’ve underestimated the stupidity of the American public before.)

Mind you, I’m not even in agreement with everything Dr. Paul says. (I’m in the 0.00001% of the country who wants MORE freedom than Dr. Paul advocates, such as NO “taxes,” ever, for anything.) But to watch the verbal combat between a man who has principles and believes in something (Dr. Paul), and the unthinking conformist automatons that pass as “reporters” these days, is truly amazing.

What does EVERY politician say he advocates? “Change.” But when’s the last time any politician OTHER than Dr. Paul was actually suggesting any change that would be even slightly significant? Well, there was the 1994 “Republican Revolution,” which consisted of lots and lots of “limited government” rhetoric, followed by a Republican House and Senate which did exactly NOTHING to reduce the size or power of “government.”

The establishment tyrants and their lapdog pundits use the “change” term constantly, because they know that the American people are fed up with the system as it is today. But do they actually want a bit of change? Hell, no. They want to pontificate, posture and preach, and then do what they’ve always done, because the system as it is gives them all of their power and prestige.

For example, various congresscritturs and presidential hopefuls have, for years, talked about doing away with the IRS. Did ANY of them mean it? Other than Ron Paul, of course not. Just watch the total panic the establishment goes into when someone says it AND MEANS IT. The talking heads knew full well that every other politician promising real “change” and “reform” never had any intention of doing anything of the sort. The only “change” they wanted was for THEM to be the one with the power and prestige. But the dead giveaway that the mainstream media KNOWS that Ron Paul is the genuine article is the blatant panic they display when HE talks about “change.”

Because they know he means it.

Larken Rose