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A Full Year of Uncle Jay Explaining the News

I probably mentioned Uncle Jay and his explanation of the news before, but it is time to re-visit.

I never miss one of his weekly episodes and a week or two ago he had an offer I could not refuse – A whole year of news explained to little minds on two DVDs as a Christmas present to myself. I was aware that I would receive my DVDs only after this year was over to actually include the whole year on the DVD, but Uncle Jay wanted to make sure that his clients/viewers – the little minds – got that and stopped moving nervously in their chairs waiting for the DVDs to arrive.

Good thinking, Uncle Jay!

He sent out a confirmation that he received my order and demonstrated his great humor by not sending just some old paper form, but instead an official-looking certificate.

Please enjoy…

Uncle Jay explains it to me too

Discovered Uncle Jays explanation of big news for little minds recently and now enjoying it every week through my RSS reader.

This is a bit task to explain big news to little minds, isn’t it – nah! Because big news are only made big, when you look at them through Uncle Jays eyes they become very simple to understand. Many grown-ups or those who want to call themselves that will probably not like it because the ego-stroking would go away if they did not have to have all that brain-power to understand the news.

But I have some question for Uncle Jay that nobody has been able to answer. How does it work that spending helps the economy. No really, how would it improve the economy if I buy Joe’s car and Joe buys my car? We have increased spending, didn’t we?

Please, Uncle Jay, explain this to me and you will be my great hero. But first, let’s see what Uncle Jay explains today…

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