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Being an American depends on the little word WE

Interesting video that explains how using the little word ‘we’ instead of ‘us’ and ‘they’ has made it possible that one whole country can see itself as enemy of another, when most persons in either country would get along  just beautifully with any other person in the other country.

So, next time you notice a crook trying to make you an accomplice to his crimes by speaking of you and him as ‘we’ – be weary! I mean, if you get half of the loot, that might be OK, but if you are also the victim, it might be prudent to look if the little word ‘we’ is indeed correctly applied.

City Talkers on Escape Pod

Escape Pod Science Fiction PodcastIt’s nearly half a year ago that I told about my progress with Escape Pod and I can again report that I am working my way to the top of the list. The top of the list is obviously the newest story on Escape Pod.

In case you don’t know about this podcast – Steve Eley publishes a science fiction story each and every week and I try to miss none. Thanks to pod-casting and mp3 players I am succeeding. The only problem is that when I don’t have to drive much, the stories accumulate on my mp3-player/cell-phone.

Just the other day I worked on a story from late December – OK – work might not be quite the right word. This story, City Talkers by Mur Lafferty fascinated me because it goes very nicely in the direction I am going. I am not much of a City Talker, which is something like a horse whisperer, but for cities – not the people in the city, but the city him or herself, but I’m a pretty good computer whisperer.

I would definitely recommend to subscribe to the Escape Pod-cast, but if I got a bit of your interest, this one story I liked a lot you can enjoy right here…