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More on Chrome Users, Profiles and Applications

Recently I reported on my findings about the Google Chrome parameters

  • –user-data-dir and
  • –profile-directory

Now I had to set up a computer for somebody with two main gmail accounts and I wanted to have direct access from an icon in the windows 7 task bar to each of these two gmail accounts.

It required a bit of juggling all these Chrome parameters but I finally managed to have two gmail icons in the task bar that allowed the user to get her two gmail accounts without ever having to switch accounts. The following solution also avoided the confusion that was created by the fact that Chrome remembers the last User that was active when Chrome is closed.

The first icon has the following parameters:


and the second is different in selecting another user within the same profile

   --profile-directory="Profile 1" 

You know how to set the properties of a pinned icon in the windows 7 task bar, yes?

Really? You are good – it was more by accident that I ran into this and was rather relieved when I did – Right-click on the icon, and then right-click again on the name of the application (usually the second from the bottom if the application is not running, otherwise the third.) This is  how you get to the usual window for the properties of a shortcut.

Magnificent Photos

And another collection of magnificent photos came my way – thank you, Beverly!


I got these photos in the form of a powerpoint presentation. The best way to do this is to open the ppt in PowerPoint and export it as a web page (not a single one). This will create, beside the main HTML, a directory filled with all the images you might need, as well as sound files (if there is a soundtrack in the ppt.) With the last two PowerPoint presentations, I had the hardest time to even find where the sound files were imported in the presentation, far from finding a way to actually export them. That, and all the image exporting is now easy after I found the ‘export as a web page.’