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The Dangers of Organic Food

I have to admit that I found the following video only because of my anarchistic tendency and state of mind.

I read something about that woman in the white house – and how she had over stepped her role once again. Found out it was not all that bad – and the most satirical was from Jon Steward…

How Congress Micro-Manages your Life

About a year ago I wrote about my great wonder what our government, especially the federal one, has to do with regulating how much water we use to flush our toilets.

And things have gotten better and betters since then. Just listen to this speech…

Congress man Ted Poe addresses congress for five minutes explaining how ridiculous and unconstitutional it is to require all Americans to use fluorescent light bulbs exclusively soon. The bulbs might be more energy efficient but bring with them a whole lot of problems that make them environmentally very unfriendly to say the least.

There is a three page paper outlining the procedure that should be followed when such a light bulb is accidentally broken – these bulbs containing mercury, the procedure probably comes only a little bit short of calling the HazMat for the rescue.

Another interesting point made by congressman Poe is that all of those ‘energy saver’ light bulbs are made in China taking more jobs away from America and bringing them over-sees.

This appears to fool Americans into buying new things they believe are good for them and the environment while actually hurting them. Another example is the fact that more and more big chain super markets now started to offer ‘organic food.’ These foods might – or might not – be grown by the rules established by the FDA to be called ‘organic’ but if we tally in the fact that these ‘organic foods’ are mass produced in often far away farms and that lots of fuel need to be expended to bring those foods to the local super market, then most of the advantages of organic food are negated. The FDA just forgot the one rule that, in order to call a food ‘organic’ it needs to be grown locally. But when was the last time a big machine like our government did get such a complex issue right?