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DIY – How to Build Your Own Glasses

Lego just had it’s 50th birthday, and we really should congratulate this company for these great toys. Yes, they are often seen as toys, but more and more people discover that they are much, much more.

We have not yet seen real skyscrapers  or bridges built out of Legos (or better Lego Bricks, how the company want us to call them) but I can not imagine that this will be too far in the future.

Ho do I get such a crazy idea, you might wonder.

Look at this, if this guy can build glasses that are so much more useful than regular ones with just a bit of ingenuity, boring subjects like houses, and bridges can not be far behind.

During engaging computer work…

Lego glasses during work

and while taking a little rest…

Lego glasses during rest

Lego inventors unite! Let me know what else you created.