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A Natural Cure for the Swine Flu

I learned it when I studied the Kabbalah, but many other philosophies say the same, that we are not presented with a problem, if there is not also a solution available – for us to find and use. I know this logic has a bit of a hole, as nobody who was presented with a problem for which there was no remedy is around any more to tell about it, but I like the first point of view better, so I take that.

The problem I am thinking of now, is the swine flu. Today, Ed (thanks Ed!) sent an e-mail presenting the solution for that problem. I know there is, or shortly will be, a pharmaceutical, and expensive, solution, but I always want to look at natural remedies first, in order not to get from the fire into the frying pan – fire being a deadly threat to the world and frying pan being dependency on the pharma-industry.

Science Daily has the following article:

Scientists in China have discovered that roots of a plant used a century ago during the great Spanish influenza pandemic contains substances with powerful effects in laboratory experiments in killing the H1N1 swine flu virus that now threatens the world. The plant has a pleasant onion-like taste when cooked, but when raw it has sap so foul-smelling that some call it the “Dung of the Devil” plant.

Kindly, Ed also supplied some more info about this plant in a Wikipedia article about ‘Dung of the Devil’ and he even passed on a source to buy Asafetida.

Now you have a solution for the time when the friendly government agent comes and wants to give you the mandatory swine flue vaccination – if you have a sample of asafetida in your pocket and let him smell, he will run and look for more gullible victims to thrust his benevolence upon.

With that sample of asafetida you might not have any friends, but let’s make that the subject of another article.

The Kabbalah Approach

I learned about Kabbalah a few years ago through some lecture on CD. The philosophy is not that surprising after having looked at so many other ways to gain ‘enlightenment’.

But one element was strikingly new and actually rather incredible – that’s why I just had to try it – and this new element is the idea that visual impressions can open doors to new worlds.

I definitely first rejected the idea that staring at shapes and patterns that make no sense to me, analytically, should make any difference.

But then, after coming back from a trip to the Calico Ghosttown I realized that I had not been quite just with my judgement. Listening to sounds and music to climb the ladder to higher planes did not seem so incredible. But maybe only because I am not so used to expecting only analytical information via the auditory input channel.
But also maybe not – I just don’t know. And that is definitely good grounds to try it.

These visual impressions in Kabbalah are created by combinations of Hebrew Letter, that do not form intelligible words.

72 specific combinations of those letters are called the names of god.

I picked the one that I want the most right now – prosperity – played with my graphics programs a while and am ready to share.

The letters are, Hebrew is read from right to left, and the idea is to meditate and visualize these symbols in connection with the minifestation of goals.