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Can you own an Apache helicopter?

Not that I had ever asked myself that question, but today the answer presented itself so I just had to ask the question – what’s an answer without a question!?

Was out at Fox Field in Lancaster, CA today and noticed a rather unusual vehicle flying slowly down the runway – big, black and making a lot of dust. It came closer and closer, finally coming to rest right there on the GA ramp in front of the airport building.

The fuel truck got on the way as if it was all normal that an Apache helicopter landed at Fox Field. At that time I did not know that this was an Apache, I only concluded that it was a real bad-ass flying machine, apparently flown by civilians as ‘United States Army’ was painted over, although not enough as to completely obscure it. The only marking was a smallĀ  041 on what’s on a real airplane would be called the horizontal stabilizator.

The aviators did not necessarily looked civilian. They were wearing fatigues and a very macho attitude, but I missed to look for any insignia, when one of the dudes joined me in the restroom for some water dumping – so, private or not, will remain forever a mystery. Maybe they just came back from Iraq or wherever the US is fighting for liberty and justice at this particular point in time, but I am more leaning towards “rich guys with a new toy.”

The pilot and gunner took their sweet time to inspect rotor and swash plate before heading off into the blue yonder again and so I had the chance to properly use my Nexus S.