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Emotional Stuff That Makes Me MAD

This emotional video of a 6-year-old boy with cerebral palsy walking to his homecoming marines-dad the first time made me raving mad…

Am I the only one wondering why this dad was away so long instead of being with his son during all these years?

What is so heart-warming about a mercenary for an imperial outfit to go out and miss his family to support the ‘interest’ of the owners of a country like the US?

Usually, in response to this, we hear that they are heroes defending our freedom and liberty.  Could not possibly be true if we look at the only country I know of that had no war for two centuries – Switzerland – a country smack in the middle of the bloodiest wars.

They have a militia – as suggested the US should have according to the constitution. Being in the militia is a part-time job, so they can be home with the family and they don’t go out to foreign lands to conquer. They are just all armed and ready to shoot any invading troops and are trained snipers to take out the highest officers – not troops – and that caused even Hitler to leave them alone.

No, marine-dad, there is no reason for you to wait years to see your son walk, if you would stop believing all this imperialistic propaganda, evaluate the ethics of what you are asked to do and find out that killing is simply killing, even if you are ordered to do so by a ‘law-maker’ – a glorified lawyer.

Just imagine – they gave a war – and nobody went…

Don’t Steal – the Government Hates Competition

Don't Steel - the government hates competitionThis is the sign that a member of that very government has on his desk. If you ever read any other article from this block you know that I am supporting Ron Paul – the person with that sign on his desk as you can see in the picture to this article.

I sometimes wonder how this guy got so far up into government without being eliminated. I mean, look at all the ‘accidental’ death that people suffer when they are about to expose somebody high up in the power structure…

There is either of two possibilities that Ron Paul could maintain to be a pain in the butt of the tyrants – either he is not considered to be that dangerous and is used to get intelligence about all those people who are dissenters, or, and this is what I hope is the real reason, Ron Paul got so much into the spot light that it is now very difficult to eliminate him without creating a martyr and be even more damaging as such.

But whatever it is, it seems now time to remove our ‘Ron for President’ signs from the cars and yard and look into the future. Ron Paul himself had indicated that his run for the nomination would not necessarily be successful, but that it was the start of a campaign that would eventually lead for America to find back to its roots.

Now Dr. Paul has officially started this campaign and I certainly have joined and I want you all to do the same.

Our Mission

The mission of the Campaign for Liberty is to promote and defend the great American principles of individual liberty, constitutional government, sound money, free markets, and a noninterventionist foreign policy, by means of educational and political activity.

This from the new website Ron Paul’s Campaign for Liberty that I want you to go to, join, and think about the best way to contribute and get the word out – the word that there actually is an alternative, now that after his nomination “Barak Obama bin Laden” changed course from a peaceful warrior to just warrior, willing to continue the Middle Eastern policies.

Here is Dr. Paul’s announcement of his Campaign for Liberty…