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bush hid the facts – in Notepad

OK, so I did not discover this all by myself – but I heard about it and verified – and here is the story – and I’m sticking to it. If you have some time to waste just ry it yourself.

Did our Prez hid facts he knew from the public in order to get his way? (Somebody in) Microsoft thinks so.

Here is the proof…

For all my text editing needs on my windows machine I am using Visual Slick Edit – and old but reliable version. I use that editor to create a text file aaa.txt and enter the following text

I then saved this and opened it in Microsoft notepad

Adding anything to the file – even a single space after the text – and notpad shows the correct text. So I am sure that this is not a bug.

So, here you have it! This is the official version of notepad, so Microsoft knows that Bush hid the facts.