Right v. Ability to Vote

I got really scared the other day – after I first laughed real hard and then realized what I was laughing about.

Before I continue, let’s watch that little video together that scared me so much…

It’s funny, I agree, but somehow then we start choking on that laugh once we realize that these are people who have the right to vote – and some of them even use it. After watching this clip it suddenly becomes crystal clear why George W. could win that second term. There is no need any more for a conspiracy or vote fraud – it works all without that.This also makes it so easy to understand why Larlen Rose – after showing very clearly in court that this income tax did not apply to him – or that at least he firmly believed that – he nevertheless was convicted for willful failure to file a tax return. It actually does not matter if his argumentation is right or wrong, he could not be found guilty if he really believed in his reasoning to be correct.

The story goes that one supporter of Larken followed the jurors after the ‘guilty’-verdict and overheard two of the jurors flirting and setting up a date, and that after having just sent a man to jail, a man who had been fighting for their freedom.

May this story be true or false, after watching this video it seems at least very probable, and it makes you wonder if there should not be some kind of test before you have a say. But I just realize that the right to vote was attached to an ability in the past, but somehow we lost it – pity!

Strange actually that I say that because I might not have been a person with a vote in the old system – most likely not.