Pop Culture Expert Surprisingly Not Ashamed Of Self

I love the Onion News Network! Guess that’s why I have it prominently linked to in my sidebar over there.

One of the first ‘news reports’ I saw was about the bring-your-daughter-to-war day for soldiers stationed in Irak. The Onion brings its news stories packaged so well, that – if it wasn’t complete bogus – would be totally believable.

I love this idea of holding a mirror to the ‘real’ news to demonstrate that they are bogus as well, by just completely exaggerating. That has always been my favorite type of humor.

But this time they really did it – a REAL news story! And I don’t see any type of exaggeration in there. It’s just the truth and nothing but the truth. It’s about this self-proclaimed pop expert that, despite the fact tat she has accomplished diddly-squad in her life, still assumes the right to gossip and bitch about doers and isn’t even ashamed about it. It is a story well worth your consternation.

As I was looking around the Onion web site I also found this report, another must read, that the Department Of Education Study Finds Teaching These Little Shits No Longer Worth It.

The Onions Network should be in everybody’s RSS feed.