Paris, Texas versus Paris, France

I had heard about the Wim Wenders movie “Paris, Texas” but never attempted to see it. It came out at a time when I had been very busy moving my life around and there was just not time enough to sit down for two hours to spend on a movie. It took many years to sink in that the title actually referred to a town named Paris, located in Texas. I had never nurtured the idea before that there was any other than THE Paris, the capital of the country right over there.

But now that I have seen these two pictures…

Paris, Texas

Paris, Texas, and …

Paris, France

… maybe I should see the movie.

Joking! – Obviously the movie has nothing to do with the subjects of these images (just a cheap hook.) The movie it’s about Travis, an amnesiac who has been lost for four years and is taken in by his brother. He later tries to put his life back together and understand what happened between him, his wife Jane (Nastassja Kinski), and his son Hunter – I mean, give me a break, it’s a Wim Wenders film!