Hitler’s Mountain Home

There is no doubt that politicians are celebrities. And just as we want to know how Brad Pitt lives or how Tiger Wood’s House looks, we don’t mind looking into the private lives of politicians like George W. or Al Gore.

Now fast backwards some seventy years – do you think that it was different at that time?

I don’t think so. We can easily imagine that there were articles published showing how FDR lived his private life or what Winston Churchill did to wind down after a hard day at the helm of his country.

Wait, in that era there is another figure which is rather famous – – this leader of the country in the center of Europe – what’s his name – oh yes, Adolf Hitler. Were people interested in him? No, that could not possibly be – he was the epiphany of evil!

Or could it be that at that time he was not considered the manifestation of pure evil. After all, FDR designed the American social security system after what he found in Germany. And even today Sarah Brady works on gun control that Hitler had already then modeled for her.

Maybe he was a celebrity as well and this could be the explanation that indeed in a British magazine ‘Home and Garden’ we find an articles from the 1930’s that immensely reminds me of today’s magazine articles visiting stars and starlets homes to have voyeurs take a look.

Without further ado, here a glance into the life of a relaxed Führer.

Adolf Hitler at ease