Discrepancies on the Web

Not all things on the internet are as they appear. You might have guessed that already, but today I will bring you proof – hard evidence.

Stumbling along I ran into one champion stumbler who caught my eye – wonder if there is any male on this planet who’s eye this person would not have caught. Take a look…

If your eye gets caught what will you do? The rest of the body, including arms and finger, that are usually operating keyboard and mouse, have to follow. You can’t just detach them, can you?

So, following the eyes, the keyboard and mouse fingers operated the browser controls in a way that the eyes finally ended up the web site belonging to this stumble-upon member with the name of FNA.

And what a great website that is! I really must recommend to every designer to take a look. It certainly appeals to me based upon its clear and minimalistic design.

A site like this invites you to explore and so I did. The eyes still commanding the rest of my body to look for more pictures…

and then I found something interesting – an email address…

It starts with Frank!