Demonstrating the Effect of Immigration

Strange for me to write about the subject of immigration into the US because I am part of the problem, as I have immigrated. At least I was not one of those billions with less than two dollars per day …

Roy Beck explains why immigration from third world make no sense

I had noticed that not only the sheer numbers of people can destroy the way of life that is usually equated with the US of A. What I consider even more dangerous is the spirit that enters with immigrants from suppressive countries or countries that have a ruling class.

Why is that? As I see it, the problem is the immenseness of the difference. Take a person who grew up in a country where the king is a type of  ‘holy’ person. A person you can not criticize. Naturally, an immigrant will search for a substitute for such a ‘holy’ person when he or she becomes a citizen. And what is the natural choice – our king, speak, president.

I suppose this is the real reason that politicians like immigrants from those countries so much. They have it very easy to pretend to be the benevolent king or noble.

At least in this regard I, myself, have not added to the problem – just the opposite  – a US-born American once told me that he considered me to be a better American in the old spirit than he himself was. That was during a discussion about caving-in to government pressure by unquestioning writing a check when the IRS asks for money.

Comforting is the fact that this video is very popular on YouTube with over two million views and over 9000 comments. (Unfortunately, the original video had been taken out and the one above is a re-post with much less views.)