Cultural Embarrassement

One of the posts that I just have to go back to once in a while is Night of Fire by the Hinoi Team because of the feeling it instills which is a bit of pain but not quite to the degree of actually hurting. I will forever connect this clip with Flemming’s comment “I want to be the guy in the underwear.”

I mean, I enjoy that video immensely – with a tingling crinch – but I had the thought that maybe not everybody feels the same. So I checked with a friend who is strongly Japan-oriented and he confirmed that in its country of origin this could be considered ‘slightly’ embarrassing. When he later mentioned a neighbor who had a collection of something like Heino or Tony Marshall recordings I suddenly could feel his pain because I experienced the same about exactly that type of music from my home country.

And today it happened – I ran into the “Deutsche Schlagerparade” (the German top-hits) which we actually voluntarily watched as teens. I must be a masochist, but I have to share this.

Deutscher Schlagerwettbewerb 1969