A New War for George W. Bush

The world is in shock about the collapse of the bridge over the Mississippi River in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

But the people of the world shall not fear, our US government agencies are coming to take revenge.

Here is what the La Rochelle Times report:


President Bush announced early Thursday that the United States would prevail in the newly launched “War on Gravity,” which the President intends to fight “anywhere and everywhere gravity may hide.” In response to the tragic collapse of the Interstate 35W bridge in Minneapolis Wednesday evening, government agencies reacted quickly to formulate a response that would counteract gravity’s latest attacks against the vulnerable homeland.

“My administration and me intend to do anything I can to stop these evil acts of downward aggression,” the President said during his announcement at the White House. “I’ve been talking with my advisors, and we think we have a pretty good idea where these gravity-based forces might be hiding. The American people need to know I’m going to do everything in my power to stop these evil forces before they act again.”

La Rochelle Times is coming to us from France and I think it’s great that more and more people around the world developing the ability to make fun of us here in the US.

Reminds me of the one Harry Potter film in which the teacher instructs his students to overcome their biggest fear – by ridiculing it, seeing the fearsome teacher suddenly appearing¬† in a night gown, the spider’s leg becoming wobble and by just calling out ‘Ridiculous!’

Read the full article¬† Bush: ‘We’re at war with gravity’

O yes, just to put things in perspective, the World Clock at Poodwaddle.com reports that just today we had 713 death caused by ‘nutritional deficiencies and 576 death caused by falls.

I wonder when GWB will start his war against falls – but then again once he wins the one against gravity he will have an easy game in this one.