A French Rocket

Once the French automobile make Citroën was one of the most innovative car makers in Europe and probably the world – 

– as this image here certainly proves it. OK, I know it’s not quite the factory model, but even the car as it came off the factory floor – was very unusual at its time. Where else would you find a car that could drive on three wheels only? I mean there were, during these early days of car design, cars that were designed to drive on three wheels and thus only had that number, but the Citroën, at least the big one, had four wheel and normally used them all. but if one failed – three was enough to get home.

I have to admit that during these early days I just thought these cars were weird. I needed a real fan to convince me that these cars were way ahead of their time.

Wonder why there are so few of them in the US, especially in California. I think I have only seen a DS once in all my more than 20 years here. In comparison, you can still see a lot of old VW bugs from that era driving around.

Oh, yeah – French and American does not mix so well.