Jet Fuel Brought Down the Twin Towers – Yeah Right…

Ming reports in his post Mohammed, the Mastermind:

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the suspected mastermind of the Sept. 11 attacks, confesses to being responsible for just about every terror attack that happened anywhere in the past 10 years.

Just the same day I ran into this pretty image that – kind-of – shows a tiny bit different view:

Jet Fuel - good one

  • Yeah, that’s a good joke. Mr.Mohammed changed the laws of physics, all by himself, and the public bought it.

  • Wanda Martin

    Very disrespectful pic

    Sorry we are so insensitive in America

  • Hi Wanda,
    disrespectful in what sense – to the gullibility of the American people who believed the government story that this was caused by some student pilots with a few hours of training?
    It was my first thought 6 years ago today when I heard the story that it requires some finely honed skills to hit those targets – I’m a pilot, so I know hard it is to hit such a small (relatively) target with such a big projectile.
    Let’s hope that in another six years we are all smart enough not to believe those hoaxes any more.

  • dylan c

    time to wake up wanda….

  • Jordan

    And what makes you think Bush had anything to do with the Towers? I personally don’t think that jet fuel brought the towers down and a plane certainly didn’t crash into the pentagon. But it’s just plain ignorance to post a picture with the twin towers falling and Bush together laughing, with nothing to back it up.

  • Peter Smith

    Then what crashed into the pentagon Jordan? The events that happened that day whether it was jet fuel that brought down the Twin Towers or not was a horrible day, arguing about what it was will never change what has happened to so many lives and fatalities.

  • Peter Smith

    With a pic like this is very disrespectful to most american which have pride in they’re country. The day this happened I was working for discover card which owned 50 floors, and to get called into work that day to take phone calls from families that this affected is just heart breaking. You may take it as a joke but its very senitive to others.

  • Hi Peter 7 Smith,
    you probably came by only to leave your web site address – sorry to take this out – but I leave your comment in because it demonstrates so nicely how difficult it is for many Americans to believe that their own tyrants have played this trick on them just to create a reason to attack another country. THAT is the issue that people should be sensitive about, that their own government is killing them.

  • Cali Coppo

    the media is very good at making things that didn’t necessarily happen the way they said it did, and making that the official end of the story. the “media coverage” and “official report” about this event are also HEAVILY censored by the government. i do not claim to be a physicist or engineer, but it’s almost common sense that a large structure – hit at what is essentially the top – could collapse on itself? TWICE? check out loose change on youtube for some an alternative look at what happened ten years ago today. again, i don’t claim to know the complete truth, but there are two things that have to be considered: 1) how the emotional state of a human being is effected by a tragic/emotional event, and 2) the overwhelming opinion of non-Americans on the true events that motivated and happened on 9/11.

  • Hi Cali, I am a physicist and it looks very unlikely to me as well, and I am also a pilot and the first thing that I thought when I learned about all this, was that these must have been damn good pilots. Which did not match the official later stories about these alleged hijackers being just students – – no way they could do that!
    But maybe there is something good about all this – namely that a few more Americans wake up and notice the stink – we just have to follow the money, and that was made by the war that was made possible by these 3000 dead as collateral damage. Bush wanted the war and he got it – all this becomes very clear once you shed the superstition that just because somebody is in ‘authority’ he is a moral person. They are actually so used to stealing and kidnapping (even though they have nicer words for it – taxation and arrest) that they don’t think twice about killing just a few thousand to reach their goal. But they are actually not to blame, there are always bullies and crooks around, it’s the gullible sheep that lets them do it to them that is to blame.

  • Mitch Wilson

    It amazes me that people believe for one second that planes took down the twin towers and the seven tower to boot? Here is the problem as a mathematician and simulation model build, it mathematically impossible. Why first of all the planes are too, too, too little to have an impact to knock down the towers. The towers were build with 110 by 90 feet solid concrete re-force rebar centres that were buried deep in the ground. The weight of the office equipment (desks, tables, photocopiers, etc.) and supplies (paper, etc.) on single floor of the world trade centre would outweigh the planes fully loaded with fuel and passengers by a factor over 100 to 1, add in the weight of a single floor, the plate glass windows and the weight of centre column and all the support columns and you now have the weight for a single floor out weighing the plane by a factor of over 300 to 1, make it 2 floors it doubles, 3 it triples . It like believing that a mosquito would knock you off your motorbike if you weight 400 lbs and the mosquito was travelling at 700 miles per hour. Who had the power to make the NORAD and the military to stand down that day, a cave dweller on the other side of the world , yeah right.

    From 1980 to 200 there was 220 planes that when off course and the 9 minute rule was engaged by NORAD, it works like this if a plane is off course for more than 3 minutes air traffic alerts the plane and again at six minutes. At three minutes the pilots are walking to the two jets at six minutes the jets are launched and at 9 minutes are beside the plane an they will force a plane on path or shoot it down, you cannot have planes going off course. Even if you give complete stupidity for one plane being missed (has not happen since 1980 and has never happen again except this one day) there should have been NORAD planes in the air nomatterwhat and second plane going of course more than 9 minutes should never have happen it basically impossible, and third and fourth, now it gets ridicules. And why did the south Tower go down first it was hit last and on an angle? The most damming evidence is the seismograph recorders that clearly show two explosions that rock the earth just prior to the buildings going down. Why where so many bosses (Jews) missing from work that day? Why would Silverstein who bought the Towers for ten cents on the dollar just seven months before the attacks, because the towers were condemned because the way the asbestos was blown into the towers they would not meet the new regulatory requirements, so they had to come down anyway after 2007. So why would Silverstein double insure condemned buildings for terrorists attacks unless he knew something? As the old saying goes, follow the money and you will find out who was really responsible for the bringing the world trade towers down, but it mathematically impossible that two planes did this, unless you change the law of physics as we know it. And why would tower seven go down that had all the bank gold stored in the vaults, again physically impossible. You want proof Jordan there you got it and there plenty more if people just use common sense. Remember the CIA prime directive is to protect the economic welfare of the US not its people, now you know the rest of the story, follow the money and you fine the truth.

  • Right on, Mitch!
    But the problem is the people who believe whatever ‘authority’ tells them. Because there will always be crooks that try to get something for nothing – that’s not the problem – it’s us (guess not you or me, though) that actually believe in ‘authorities’ to have some godlike knowledge and know best what’s good for us.