The Beginning of the Universe

Shy Leonardo

This Buzzing Sensation of the Multitude of New Events was Just Amazing.

Getting all players together in something Kseenoo called a ‘SPACE’ had never been heard of before. I had assisted him to get this SPACE-thing set up and running. It had something called dimension – a … ‘thing’, that kept other ‘things’ apart – Really novel!

Now it was about time – time being another one of these strange new concepts I had learned – it was time for the other players to arrive. I was as ready as I could ever be! Ready for all the surprises Kseenoo had prepared me so well for. I certainly had drafted this SPACE-thing in a truly attention-catching fashion.

A little infinity here and there, rotating light spirals spread around, but surely the best were the cornerstones of this SPACE-thing, distances, and times.

There! The ripples in the SPACE-thing indicating that a player was about to enter!

“Ho, interesting thing you got there. What is it?”

It was MaraBan. We had interesting games in the past and I was glad he had come.

“It’s called a UNIVERSE – Kseenoo’s idea, not really mine. He will come when all other players have arrived and slipped into bodies we are going to make us now.”

His Homeric laughter first irritated me.

“A Body ?! Where did you dig out that idea? Guess it was probably Kseenoo again who came up with this intellection, didn’t he?”

Sure he was right but I could not see what was so funny about it. I had tried a body before and the sensations they give you are really incredible.

But I convinced MaraBan to use a body template, one I myself like to use, and mock-up a body for himself. He bought the idea that it would be a nice surprise. Besides – there was nothing to it and these were the rules for this game we had been invited to. What finally convinced him was the promise that we would all have an intriguing game. Sometimes I get the idea, that he would even compromise his own integrity just to play a new game.

One by one they all came. Wemm had so much fun with this SPACE-thing that he fell into an infinity and out of the whole universe and had to come back in, still laughing for all this fun.

It really seemed to become a great success. I had not completely expected that, but the more players came and the more they added to the joy in here the more real this universe became.

Only UrgubiWanArial disturbed me a bit. Right after he slipped into his body, he looked at me with these body eyes in a rather weird way I could not fathom.

I should probably latch one of these little Moco on him to keep myself informed of his whereabouts and doings. Mocos, I have to admit, I’m very proud of. The Master invented them based on my very own idea. These things really do last long. Way into the far future where they once would be called bugs and made from matter and electronics, but the mental energy from today really was the basic idea –  and it worked like a charm.

Energy and buzz all around and finally the moment was here.

All players had arrived in this ‘Universe’, all had slipped into the bodies they had made for themselves, and the whole place was filled with their high spirits. It had been a long time since we had that much fun.

A bang, a snap, flashes – Kseenoo’s staging WAS impressive. I admired him. He had the best body of them all. It was not simply built from parts of this universe. Some spiritual components were woven into it, in addition there was a mental component. Briefly, the thought crossed my mind, if this did not violate the game rules, but he would never do that, he was just beyond such manipulations. If I ever could, I would be like him.

With awe, we all waited for his plans to unfold.

“Brothers! I asked you here so that we can create a GOD!”

The effect was overwhelming. – A GOD? – Where does he get his ideas from? – Is this guy crazy? – What do we need a GOD for? – and what is a GOD anyway? – et cetera, et cetera.

The opinions about his idea were very diverse, but it surely promised a lot of entertainment. Finally, it came to the point where Kseenoo laid out his plans to continue to create this universe and make it persevere. That should be done by contributions by each of us, which we would then forget.

His idea was to take our Mocos, mix them thoroughly, and plant them into this universe. Then we would rule it.

It definitely was not easy to explain this notion of ‘ruling’, as in the beginning nobody really understood what ‘ruling’ would be good for. Yet in the end, most all of us conceded to try it. Again something new happened in that there were some amongst us that strongly objected to the idea of creating images of ourselves and then forget about them. Their objection was that it would become difficult to end this game and recollect all parts of it.

Little did they know what scale this problem would develop into!

Yet the discussion went on and when Kseenoo was sure that he had convinced us all, he had his last surprise get us over the edge and into total agreement – “And I will be the king of the GODs!”

It was genuinely ingenious how he had built his train of arguments because there was hardly any objection.

The votes with our Mocos, created and forgotten by the players, and then given to my Master. He looked so powerful when he clustered all these forgotten beings into his space. There was a brief moment of doubt if this was all good but I managed to suppress this notion.

All players now left the universe to find other games to play, in order to allow Kseenoo to re-build the universe and make it persist. There was something disturbing about UrgubiWanArial. Again he looked at me in a manner that gave me strange sensations, and not particularly good ones. Something had to be wrong with him. If there would be the opportunity I would latch myself into his Moco also he had given to Kseenoo.

This universe game should become the most intense game ever staged by the players. Once the attempt was made to end it, but the idea of forgetfulness at its very core eventually hindered its dissolution as we could not pull out our contributions.

Many things had to happen to enable me to tell this story today. I, who once was a paladin of Kseenoo. For so long he had succeeded to keep me small, never to rise above him. He had punished me using my agreement, and he had awarded me with power and fame when there was no danger for him.

When I admired him, he allowed me to do so. And he still has a big army that he controls by these means, but not me anymore.

Freeward Ho,