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The Power of Thank you Revisited

A little while back I reported on Laura Trice’s TED talk about the importance and power of thank you, of validation. Delivered right a thank you looks really simple but as with all very true facts it appears so simple yet is often so hard to attain. This talk is a very good demonstration of what it teaches, look at the ease with which Ms. Trice walks the talk at the end. I personally don’t know many people who can blow you away with a simple thank you like she did.

Today another video came across my desk that actually caused me to revisit Ms. Trice’s talk. It delivers the same message in form of a short film and be prepared to be moved…

Forklifts are Dangerous

Hans suggestst that if the job in IT and software development does not work out, there is always the option of becoming a forklift operator.

All of you who understand German can really appreciate the following short film, warning you that even though the profession of a fork lift operator is glamorous, it can be dangerous if the safety rules are not followed.

The film follows Klaus from the completion of his training as forklift operator to his first job and some of the things that might go wrong.

Be warned though – things can and do go wrong…