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Does the TSA care about TSA Gangstaz Rap?

There is an interesting new video on YouTube, shooting at the TSA, that seems to become a hot item. Yesterday when I watched it it had some few hundred views and today when I looked again it had some 35 thousand views.

So, I thought to blog about it and encourage more bloggers to blog about, and certainly add own experiences and stories to it.

Currently the TSA might not care to much about it. The effect of their actions are too far removed from them. If they would feel the loss of revenue from people who decide not to fly anymore, the situation would be different. It appears there is no incentive for them to change – pretty much everybody hates them anyways, so what’s the harm in one more gangstaz rap?

The reason form me to spread the word is my believe that it is not too late to reach critical mass, and these guys are thrown out, even though they have the monopoly in violence. The voices of objection are getting louder and louder and fortunately the tyrants don’t take action. If they had studied their tyrant manual properly they would know that only a loved tyrant is a successful tyrant in the long run, so, please don’t tell them about this essential  training manual, OK?

Hitler became a bad tyrant and had to suppress opposition with force, and what did that bring him? A rather short reign! So, let’s spread the word about this abuse of power and critical mass will be reached so much faster, and then we can get back to normal where public servants know that they are servants and behave accordingly…