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Strangely Mesmerizing – Kids Song with Rifle Cartridges

I wonder if there is something built into this video that hypnotizes me…

There is nothing really worth seeing – OK, the girl is cute, but that is not that unusual – still I could not stop watching until it was all over.

Maybe somebody could go over the video with a fine comb and find the hidden subliminal message – watch – stay – don’t move – consume!

UPDATE: on one of my repeated (mesmerized) views of this video something caught my eye. I first could not believe it – had to rewind – watch it again – rewind – screen-capture it – and here is what I saw…

A duck with a crown of rifle cartridges?? – Now I am really curious what this video is all about.


Japanese Music Video Update

Who would ever forget the Hinoi Team I told you about some time ago?

For reason of variety – not that this is any better than the Hinoi Team – I would like to pass on another find…

(watch in higher quality)

Watching these Japanese videos – and other Japanese TV clips on YouTube – I notice that most of the girls really look like girls, don’t they. I mean in contrast to women.

I can not imagine that these girls are really as young as they appear to (western) eyes, so I am wondering if the Japanese culture has bread its women looking so young-girl-ish. There seems to be an ideal woman type that is noticable different in different cultures. How else could you tell, on first glance, that this is a german woman, the next one is from Mexico and yet one over this girl (!) is from Thailand?

But maybe we don’t have to think too much about this as over time McDonald will make them all the same – I noticed that when hanging out at the Thai temple, that more and more young Thai girls look like the good BigMac fed American girl. Any insights…