My Hobby Kitchen

So, here it is. My contribution to the internet community.
My better half is mostly very content (to say the least) with my cuisine and he kind of forced me to share it with all of you.

OK, it's not a real sharing as you all can't just come over for dinner. So you have to help a bit and do the cooking yourself. I will supply the information on what and how to cook.

This was quite an expensive way to say that I will let you in on my recipes, wasn't it?

Here we Go ...

Every so often (or how often I manage) - a new one.
The new ones appended to the end.
And if you follow all the instructions right, get a really good dish prepared, everybody loves you, you might actually dance through the kitchen like I do.

I get so many positive responses to my recipe page from so many of you that I strongly consider to conduct a cooking class. Take a look at a picture of a previous class and let me know what you think.

There is something new down there - don't miss it!

Because there is an increasing number of recipes here now and it will hopefully continue to increase (at least when I'm not that busy in school any more) I decided on having a table of content. And as I got several request for ingredient lists I will add one to the end of the recipes starting today (whatever that is ;-) and will probably work my way up to add it to the older recipes as - you guessed it - my time allows.

Table of Content

To be Continued ...

Guest Chefs

And now something new. The next step of development of these pages. We will have guest chefs. It's all nice and dandy that I give you my ideas of Thai cooking, but I know there are other opinions.

This is why I want to make this place a forum also for other chefs, may they be professionals or hobbyists like me.

Two possibilities: Either you create the html page completely to your likings thus completely expressing your own taste, or you just give me the words and I make the page.

The first is preferred because it is less work for me ;-) but also the second way is welcome.

Right now the guest kitchen is still rather empty, But go in anyways, look around and see if you like it. Only one station is taken now and soon you might be in there too, sharing your best kept secrets with the world.

Enter the Guest Kitchen...

P.S. If you have something good for me to cook and publish here and you don't want to do it as a guest chef ...
You have my e-mail address. If you don't you can find it at ... (sorry, that does not exist any more)

And I would really like it, if you could sign my Guestbook.

I answer every message that I receive via the guestbook - if I can. I have received a couple of messages that were returned to me, because the address was incorrect. As the WEB browser does not know your e-mail address I have to depend on the address that you enter. So, if you did not get an answer from me in - say - a week, I probably got your address incorrect. No problem, just contact me again.

OK, this is quite a while ago that I said that. But things and life changes, and I guess there are many of you out there thinking about me as "The Liar". Because you are sure that the address you gave me was correct, but you still did not get an answer.

Yes, and my conscience is haunting me for that. I got so busy in school, life, and everything that I just could not keep up answering all the dear messages that I got. I was really glad about most all of them. For all the suggestions I'm really thankful and when I will find the time to continue to publish more recipes, all these suggestions will be considered. So please do not stop writing, eventually all the messages will be answered - - I promise.

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