Mail Backup via Self-Destructing Timeport SF40071b

Data Routing:

Venice, Italy::Timeport SF40071b::Google-Timebot AG995-f::Technorati-Glob-Deliv

Notice to receiver:
attached information is confidential information for intended recipient only!
You are to deliver included data without taking notice of content!
Physical Mail Privacy laws fully apply.
Only to be used if physical mail deliver has failed exceeding 5666 days.


Frater Otto
Charcani Chico, Arequipa,

Note to the mail carrier:
Dear Postman, Frater Otto residence is a cave at the foot of the
volcano El Misti. You can find it by going 340 steps on the road
leaving Charcani Chico and leading to El Misti. Turn right, 560 steps,
and turn left. Then all the way straight up the hill until the
entrance of the cave. Thank you so much, dear Mr. Postman!

The enveloppe had the following contents:
- a business card
- a floppy disk with a text file called log175.txt

The only letters on the business card said:

And the text on the floppy read:

Log #175 of the Logs of JD Flora,

Venice, Italy, ...

Venerable Frater Otto,

my name is JD Flora. By the time you receive this letter, if you
should receive it at all, I will have retreated from this Universe.
Since I have been unable to have my body being killed without creating
a new attachment in the process and thus prolonging the process of
reincarnation itself, I had to find someone to hand it over to
peacefully. This someone was a friend of you and he is now the new
owner of the body of what was once known as 'JD Flora'.

While scanning your friend's mind in order to find the 'hook' that
would make him enter my body at the very moment I would be abandoning
it, I found your whereabouts and the way to your abode in the
mountains of Peru. If you read these lines, the postman will have
understood the vague directions that I found in your friend's confused

In short, be aware that your friend, known to you as Frater Nove. did
NOT die at age 98 on today's date but rather that he transmigrated
into the body of JD Flora, 43 years old. Sensational persons call this
a 'body swap' and it can be very well considered a sacrilege of major

Therefore I write this letter to you in order to assure you that it
was not his own doing even though he had been toying with this idea
for a very long time. In fact, reading his thoughts made me, the
'original' owner of the body of JD Flora, having the very idea of how
to exit this Universe without 'dying' and thus entering the 'Bardo',
the in-between-live area. If you had educated yourself properly (what
you probably never did), you would know that the 'programming' that is
happening during the time of the Bardo is carrying a significant risk
of being reborn into this world. Whoever should tell you otherwise, is
either blind or blatantly lying.

There is another reason I'm writing this letter. There are only few
minutes left before Frater Nove will appear here at midnight in this
rather crummy hotel in Venice, Italy, and it occurred to me that just
now that, even though I manipulated his mind carefully to follow the
steps of the ancient secret of body swapping, his heart and mind may
be too confused to let go of his old body. This means, there is a
chance that in his desperation Frater Nove may attempt to KILL his own
body in order to accommodate the process of entering my own, JD
Flora's, body.

Take notice: if Frater Nove will kill his old body in the process of
obtaining a new one, he himself, as the owner of the new body, may be
accused of the 'murder' of his old body. In the absence of witnesses,
a criminal investigation would arrive at this as a 'logical

In this case, I hope that this letter, my 'confession' so to speak,
will clear him of all accusations of murder. That he, in this case,
still committed suicide in respect to his old body, is something he
has to confront himself within his deranged and confused belief

July 3rd, 1995, Venice, Italy, 00:42
JD Flora