Living up there in the Trees

I could not possibly imagine a kid that is not dreaming of a tree house. I certainly was, but I never actually had one.

Some of us remain this kid and can’t wait to have a kid with the same dream and then finally fulfilling that dream, as now the resources are available.

The closest I ever was at a tree house was actually a tree deck – the dad of one of my son’s friends, a welder, had built a deck for his son – maybe himself. As a welder he used the materials he was familiar and so the stairs going up the tree were a steel spiral staircase. And the deck itself was constructed from steel as well. So, I was not quite sure if it was actually the tree supporting the deck/house or vice versa.

Deep down inside me, the idea of a tree house must have always been in a slumber, because when the pictures below reached my inbox – thanks, Beverly – a dream woke up…