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Bliss – Chris Bliss

Just spent some time in a very enjoyable fashion.

So why shouldn’t you do this too – here it is…

And again, if you don’t see this video here (for example if you are using Thunderbird to aggregate) just go to the blog and look there.

Obviously I had to look up this guy Chris Bliss and found him to be a very interesting guy

Particularly interesting his project to put the Bill Of Rights into every state capitol.

Chris Bliss

TV – as good as it gets – The Japanese Way

This is TV as good as it can get!

Why don’t we have such good shows here in the US??

In the RSS feed you can probably not see the video – go the web site and enjoy!

Update: the clip was gone on google video, so I had to find it on YouTube. Will see how long that stays there.

And, by the way, if you want to find out more, look for Hinoi Team with Korikki and obviously the title of the song is “Night Of Fire.” This is one of the clips that I have to go back once in a while and reinforce it back into my consciousness.

2nd Update: Should you love this clip so much that you would rather sing it yourself, there is help. I found the karaoke version of it where these five beautiful people just create the mood and dance so you get the chance to sing.

Should you come here, want to enjoy this video and get the message that it’s no longer available, please let me know so that I can find it again and update the post. It has already happened twice that these works of art have disappeared and re-appeared under a different name – there are probably some copy-fighters playing.

The House of the Rising Sun

‘The House of the Rising Sun’ by the Animals has been one of my favorite songs of all times (OK – this lifetime).

I certainly had the album – still have the vinyl and even a player to play it and long time ago when I learned to play the guitar that was the score sheet I dug up somewhere and practiced, practiced and practiced.

Then, when the synthesizer came along, I dug out these old scores and figured out how to play the melody and cords with both of them hands. It turned out to be one of the two songs that I ever taught myself to play on keyboards.

And now the video of the Animals with that song fell into my lap from YouTube-land – and believe it or not – that is the first time I see the band perform.

July 5, 2007: I just had to update this video link because the previous one was not longer available – so I got one with even the lyrics on it – so sing along.

May 22, 2009: The struggle for who owns what rights and the last video was gone from YouTube, but the old one was back and I re-installed it here again.

And to make it even better – here is another famous one from the Animals.

The Backstreet Girls

Here we have a great time-waster. It all started with a search of YouTube for the video that prompted Thailand to block the whole of YouTube. Someone probably rather stupid had defamed the King who is held in high regards and is beyond any critique.

Instead of just letting it go, half the nation stood up in protest and caused quite some ruckus. Guess they never understood that you don’t give that, which you don’t want, any energy, and kind of energy, neither good nor bad – just none.

But something really good came out of it after all. YouTube usually makes you stuck because they understand the principle of similarities – you see something similar and you have to take a look there too, and then something else, and something else, and something else, ad infinitum.

Fortunately on the way to infinity we came across these Backstreet Girls from the other side of the planet.

Lean back and enjoy – if you are Thai you might be a bit embarrassed though (you have been warned), but I totally enjoyed it.

And you even can sing along – – – what, you have trouble reading that?