The Backstreet Girls

Here we have a great time-waster. It all started with a search of YouTube for the video that prompted Thailand to block the whole of YouTube. Someone probably rather stupid had defamed the King who is held in high regards and is beyond any critique.

Instead of just letting it go, half the nation stood up in protest and caused quite some ruckus. Guess they never understood that you don’t give that, which you don’t want, any energy, and kind of energy, neither good nor bad – just none.

But something really good came out of it after all. YouTube usually makes you stuck because they understand the principle of similarities – you see something similar and you have to take a look there too, and then something else, and something else, and something else, ad infinitum.

Fortunately on the way to infinity we came across these Backstreet Girls from the other side of the planet.

Lean back and enjoy – if you are Thai you might be a bit embarrassed though (you have been warned), but I totally enjoyed it.

And you even can sing along – – – what, you have trouble reading that?